A fridge’s first job is to keep food cold, but its second job is to save you grocery money. Leftovers and produce last a lot longer, thanks to the kitchen’s hardest working appliance (when it’s functioning properly, that is). If your fridge or freezer falters, call us right away. We’ll move quickly to troubleshoot your appliance’s issue, and resolve whatever is going on for a great price.

Keep Your Groceries Cool

Thanks to our expert appliance repair credentials that include Type 1 Refrigerant and certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), we can tackle any refrigerator or freezer issue(s) you may have. We’ll work on Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, JennAir, Maytag, and LG appliances, so there is no need to worry that we can’t handle your situation. The following signs are some of the most common ways fridges let us know they need a little TLC:

    • Water leaks
    • Frozen food
    • Warm food
    • Rapid cycling
    • Water dispenser malfunction
    • Sheets of ice on freezer floor
    • Thawed foods in freezer
    • Overflowing ice maker

Your Friends in Appliance Repair

For us, appliance repair is about more than tinkering with mechanics and solving problems. It’s about providing an essential service to people who need it. From personal experience, we know how frustrating, difficult, and derailing a broken or faulty appliance can