Pete was great

Pete was great! We called him late one day to come fix our 1 year old fridge that sprung a leak just after the warranty had expired. He scheduled a visit immediately and arrived the next day right on time as promised. He diagnosed the problem immediately and was able to fix it right away. Since this was an easy fix for him, he was kind enough to offer a very considerable discount on his already excellent quote. In fact, he was willing to leave without taking any money, but we insisted that he get paid for his work. I should add that Pete came after we contacted another company (Puls) first. This scam company (avoid at all cost) sent a tech who could not find anything wrong with our fridge, yet offered to replace a part that was in perfect working order. After charging us a diagnostic fee this tech left. Our fridge continued to leak. Pete, on the other hand, actually took the time to see what was wrong with the fridge and fix it. To sum up: Pete’s an extremely nice guy and a highly competent tech who knows what he’s doing.